A few words from Circla on 2022

A few words from Circla on 2022

Now that we’ve finally gotten the ‘Happy New Year’ emails out of the way (we hope), taken the Christmas decs down and scoffed the last of the quality streets, here’s a few words from each of us on 2022, without the cliche ‘new year new us’...

Claudia - Founder & CEO:

After the last two years I have decided that 2022 is not the year for any drastic resolutions, instead of focusing on everything I am not doing right (cough haven't seen the inside of a gym in a while) I am focusing on the positives and maintaining them. I do not want to add any extra ammunition to be self-critical but instead will be focusing on the positive routines and habits I have already adopted. 

Romily - Marketing Manager:

This year I want to be more present in the moment, instead of worrying what task I need to get on with next or what I'm having for tea. I want to make mindfulness a full-time thing instead of a part-time-when-I-feel-like-it thing. That way I’ll be less stressed and hopefully achieve all the things I want to do this year.

Kali - Partnerships & Communications:

For 2022 I have promised myself that I will be more consistent in the things that make me feel good - whether that be a sweaty yoga class, reading more or cancelling my weekend plans to binge the new Sex and the City with a big bowl of mac n’ cheese… 

Hannah - Community Engagement:

My 2022 vibe is focusing on self-growth, reaching my goals & living life!

Rebekah - Social Media & Events:

I'm entering the new year with a lot of positivity! I'm looking forward to creating positive habits and taking more time to enjoy myself this year.

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