Everyday Should be Earth Day

Everyday Should be Earth Day

Last week Earth Day was celebrated by many as a reminder of the call we have to protect our mother Earth. Earth Day began in 1970 as a voice to a new environmental consciousness from many people worried about air pollution and the lack of concern around environmental issues. Today these concerns are as true as ever as we live in a waste age. Earth Day is a day of action aimed at the fight for a clean environment and to bring awareness to the climate crisis. It is also a good day to reflect on why we should treat each day like it is Earth Day.

The social media conversations, protests, and volunteering that happen as a result of Earth Day is an incredible way people take time to remember why we should all work towards caring for the planet. It is also a good time to think about why we do not do these things each week. Participating in cleaning up trash, switching to a more sustainable product, or reducing your plastic consumption are all simple actions you can do week-to-week to live each day like it is Earth Day. 

When Earth Day comes around you hear many of the classic sustainability tips you have been hearing since primary school. This is our take on some of the classic sustainability tips to help you live each day like it is Earth Day. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

A tried and true measure of sustainability; reduce, reuse, and recycle. First, reduce. A large factor in why people struggle to make more sustainable choices is due to the fact that we are set up to over-consume. We live in a consumerist world where it can be difficult to seek out alternatives to over-consuming. By Rotation is an online platform and app that allows you to rent a wide selection of clothes for a discounted price. So, for the summer weddings coming up and the holiday you are taking soon you can consider renting new and fun pieces instead of buying new clothes you may only wear once. 

Second is to reuse. It is easy to reuse different products you already have, but sometimes the creative inspiration is difficult to come by. Done with your jar of jam, use it as a jewellery holder or as a home to a new plant. Have extra plastic grocery bags laying around, use them as packing material to keep goods safe when mailing items. Wax Wine is a brand favourite of ours and they reuse old wine bottles to create candles, candle holders, jars, lamps, and glasses. They even sell a candle refill set so you can refill your own candle. The options are endless when it comes to reusing and once you stop seeing waste and begin seeing resources you have infinite options when it comes to reusing.

Third is to recycle. This step can be incredibly difficult, and we recently wrote about gaining a deeper understanding of recycling in the UK. Stay Wild Swim is taking recycling to the next level by creating swimwear with recycled and regenerated ocean plastic. They also recently launched The Circularity Project where you can send your old swimwear to them to properly recycle and you can receive a 10% off code from them as a thank you. Just in time for summer, Stay Wild Swim is a great sustainable swap.

You do not need to lead a climate protest or uproot all of your consumer habits to live each day like it is Earth Day. You can simply make swaps here and there that are rooted in following the three Rs. Here at Circla we encourage people to remember that one person cannot do everything, but everyone can do something. So, we hope this week and the next week you can see how simple it is to make more sustainable decisions in your day to day life. 

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