How I repaired my bleached damaged hair in 8 steps

How I repaired my bleached damaged hair in 8 steps

How I repaired my bleached damaged hair in 8 steps 

A young me, obsessed with Elle in Legally Blonde and Serena in Gossip Girl, knew that I was destined to be a blonde for life. Nobody warned me of the damage it would do to my hair...

I’ve been bleaching my hair for over 10 years now. Last time I left the salon my hair was so damaged, the strands were as stringy as chewing gum, my hair wouldn’t grow past a certain length and I was shedding hair like a cat. 

Sound like you? Unfortunately, the damage done to bleached hair is irreversible. But there are ways to prevent further damage and ways to protect your new hair growth from suffering from your inevitable next bleach appointment. Here are a few things that helped me:


I had no idea that most of the hair products I used were so bad for my hair! Most of the shampoos and conditioners you find in boots or supermarkets are stuffed with sulfates and silicones. With every wash these strip your hair of moisture and creates a barrier around your hair that, although makes it look shiny, is actually trapping any moisture from being absorbed by your hair. Over time your hair gets drier and drier, causing split ends and yep - breakage. 

I use Olaplex shampoo once a week as it’s great for repairing broken bonds. Then I opt for an all natural shampoo & conditioner in between my Olaplex washes, Bramley is my favourite!

Don’t stop at shampoo or conditioner either - really show your hair some love with a moisturising hair mask once a week. I also swear by smothering your hair in hair oil the night before hair wash day. Sevin’s Hair and Body Oil works a treat. 

Wash less

I thought that washing your hair everyday was good for it. I was wrong. Washing your hair too often strips your hair of its natural oils, which is the main way your hair is going to stay healthy and grow faster. The better your hair products are, the longer you’ll be able to go without washing your hair as it won’t get greasy as quickly.

No heat

Washing my hair everyday meant getting the hairdryer out everyday and blitzing my hair with heat. This dries your hair out fast, causing split ends. Let your hair dry naturally.Put the straighteners and curling tongs down too! There are plenty of ways to style your hair without heat, or just rock your natural style instead.  

Sitting in the sun too long or the sun beds frazzles your as well, so wear a hat!

Get rid of the hairbands

I’m used to slinging my hair into a high pony or bun at the end of the day after work (it was also my go-to for when my hair got greasy.) This causes serious breakage and if your pony is too tight, it’ll start pulling hair out from the root, especially at the front of the head.

Try to wear your hair down as much as possible and if you need to get it out of your face, use a scrunchie, they’re much gentler on your hair.


Vitamins are going to be your best friends. They’ll speed up your hair growth and make sure that the hair growing through is nice and strong so that when you do go back and bleach your hair again, it’ll be less likely to break. Here are a few of my favourites:

  • Biotin - Helps your hair grow back faster by helping the production of keratin in the body
  • Iron - If you’re low in iron, this can cause hair loss
  • Zinc - Plays a part in keeping the oil glands around the hair working
  • Vitamin C - Needed to create collagen in your body 

Another way to make sure you are getting enough vitamins and nutrients for hair growth is through your diet. A nutritious balanced diet will promote healthy hair growth. Here are a few foods I’ve made sure to incorporate into my diet to help:

  • Spinach - High in iron and magnesium
  • Eggs - Packed with Vitamin B (Biotin!)
  • Salmon - Full of Omega-3 which makes your hair strong and shiny
  • Chicken - Full of Omega-6 which makes your hair thick

Make sure you go for regular cuts to keep your hair strong to avoid any split-ends that could lead to breakage. I try and get mine cut every 6-8 weeks (or whenever i’ve noticed a few split ends are starting to show.)

Changing up how you bleach your hair at the salon may help as well. Instead of having bleach all over, opt for ombre or face framing highlights. You’ll get a blonde, sunkissed look without damaging all that new healthy hair growth. 

And the most important thing - stay away from the box bleach! That stuff is terrible and will fry your hair right off. Go and get it done properly in a salon.


Bleaching your hair might not be the only reason your hair seems so damaged. Stress is a leading cause of hairloss. 

Take some time out for yourself to relax and de-stress. Chuck a facemask on (Wildtree’s is my favourite) and take a long bath. Or show your body some love with some yoga or a long walk. 

And that’s it! 8 easy steps. This won’t change the condition of your hair overnight. There really is no easy fix, but trust the process. 

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