Sustainable Gifts: Circla's 2021 Christmas Gift Guide

Sustainable Gifts: Circla's 2021 Christmas Gift Guide

We’ve all been there, 23rd December standing in Tesco deciding between a hot chocolate gift set or a 2in1 shower bundle for your aunt. We’re all guilty of leaving the shopping ‘til the last minute and let’s be honest, buying people presents just for the sake of it. 

Not to bring down the Christmas cheer either, but I'm sure you’ve guessed it, Christmas isn’t very sustainable. Only 1% of Christmas presents are still in use 6 months later, 81 million unwanted presents are received each year and the UK generates the weight of 3.3 million emperor penguins in plastic waste each year - not very christmassy, right? That’s a whole lotta waste for presents that people might not even want.


We’ve done all the work for you: we’ve put together a quick gift guide of some of the best sustainable brands out there to help you save on waste and not have to compromise on quality (and they’ll get you in everyone's good books.) 

Under £20 Gifts

You can count on these prezzies to be as wallet friendly as they are planet friendly. 

For the foodie - Christmas isn’t Christmas without the choccie and chutney. Land (our favourite sustainable chocolate brand) have put together a selection of their best selling bars, the perfect stocking filler. Rubies in the Rubble have put together a set of their most popular relishes. They’d be for your post-christmas lunch cheese board or the inevitable leftover turkey sarnies on boxing day. All of their sauces and relishes are made from surplus ingredients. 

Perfume - Eden Perfumes use ingredients that are 100% vegan, ethically sourced and cruelty free. They smell bloody amazing and they’re refillable.

Sustainable beauty sets - On the topic of refilling, we have put together a few gift sets of our own. Our Back to Basics set is perfect for the friend you want to give a cheeky sustainability nudge too. The friend that might be too busy to consider a waste-free lifestyle, or don’t know

where to start. With the set including a body wash, body lotion, hand wash and reusable sponge, it’s the perfect way to introduce someone to refills for Christmas. Did we mention you’ll save 70% with this set?

Under £50

Candles - WaxWine repurpose old wine bottles into gorgeous candles. They smell delish and they’re even refillable! Saving that wine bottle from landfill again and again.

Pamper session in a box - Perfect for your mum, the mother in law, your brother's new girlfriend, or even a cheeky gift for yourself. Our Winter TLC gift set is the perfect pamper night in a box. Calm your mind in the bath with the bath salts, candle burning, facemask on and finish it off with the silky smooth body lotion. You’ll be saving 50% off with this box and everything is refillable, vegan and cruelty free.

Lippie - Axiology have put together a lipstick set perfect for the season. All of their lipsticks are vegan, cruelty and plastic free. Their products are 3in1 so they can be used not only on the lips, but on the lids and cheeks too. Which means you can save on splurging on more makeup to achieve that party season glow.

Over £50

Beauty Sleep - Beauty sleep isn’t just a saying, LAID have made it, well, a thing. And you can gift it. Their LAID Sleep Set which includes a silk pillowcase and eye mask are infused with hyaluronic acid, which means their set prevents wrinkles, dark circles and split ends. Their dyes are also completely non-toxic, so it’s good for you and yep, the planet. 

Beauty Routine Essentials - HANDLE have put together a bathroom essentials set which includes a razor, toothbrush, hairbrush and mirror. All of their products are handmade from recycled plastics. You can also get rid of any items cluttering up your bathroom by sending them off to them and they’ll reprocess them to make more products. 

Couple next door - If you’re struggling to decide what to get the couple next door or your aunt and uncle, we’ve put together a His & Hers Gift Set that would be a great addition to their bathroom. The set includes a hand wash, body wash, mens face & body balm, bath salts and a candle - and yep, they’re all refillable. 


If you’re still scratching your head on what to gift your loved ones this christmas, check out our Christmas Gifts page to shop all of our bundles and a very limited edition advent calandar.

We’re delivering up until 24th December and they even come gift wrapped - no need to lift a finger. 

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