The Truth About Meat Substitutes: Which Vegan Swaps Are Actually Good For Me?

Vegan Swaps

It’s impossible to walk into a shop these days (especially during Veganuary) without seeing shelves bombarded with plant-based this and meat-free that. We’re not moaning. In fact, it’s great that we’re all moving towards a meatless society. The meat industry is the largest producer of greenhouse gasses. This move towards a more plant-based style of living is great for the planet. But are we moving in the right direction with it? Are these ‘fake meats’ we’re consuming really good for us? 


Meat Substitutes

Let’s make one thing clear, those fake burgers oozing with beetroot ‘blood’ and fake fish that really is uncanny to the real thing are miles better for the planet than real meat. They’re said to produce 90% less greenhouse gas emissions! But we have news for you… they’re really not great for your body. 

Because these meat substitutes are labeled as ‘plant-based’, we all automatically think they’re healthy for us. I did the same when I tried to go vegan, stocking up on vegan chicken nuggets. They were delicious and I wondered ‘how the hell do these taste better than the real thing?’ Listen, McDonald’s fries are plant-based, but that doesn’t mean they’re good for you. These fake meats are highly processed foods and packed with unhealthy and unnatural additives. We’re being led to believe that we’re exchanging meat for a much healthier lifestyle when this is not the lifestyle you should be trading it for! Plant-based food should be fresh fruit and veg, anything that comes straight from the ground or from a tree. That’s where the real nutrition comes in. 

With that being said, everything is fine in moderation. If you’re living a healthy plant-based lifestyle, there's nothing wrong with having a fake burger once in a while, just as you would have had a cheeky big mac now and again if you were once a meat eater. 

A Few Easy Vegan Swaps

Whether you’ve struggled with veganuary, can’t kick those mozzie sticks or maybe you don’t know where to start on your plant-based journey, we’ve got you covered…

Fruit & Veg

If you’re struggling for recipes or feel like you want to be a bit more adventurous with what fruit and veg you’re eating, Oddbox is a great place to start.

Over 40% of all food grown goes unwanted, wasting with it, a humongous amount of CO2e and water. Oddbox rescues delicious fresh fruit and veg that may otherwise have gone to waste directly from farmers and delivers it to your front door in a weekly or fortnightly subscription. 

We’ve even got a cheeky discount code for you! You can use the code ‘CIRCLA’ for 50% off your first box!

(Only available for new customers and in valid delivery areas. Offer expires 31st March, 2022. Limited to one per person.)


Rubies in the Rubble are similar to Oddbox as they save surplus fruit and veg and make them into your favourite condiments. This means that you don’t have to miss out on your fave sauces and they taste exactly the same (if not better!). So it really is a super simple swap to make.


If you’re finding it hard to stick to a full vegan diet, why not try to just stick to plant-based lunches? Pret makes this SO easy. Their vegan range is absolutely delish and if you’re based in London, you’ll never be too far from a Pret.


When you’re next picking up your morning coffee, ask for a plant-based milk. There’s plenty to choose from now. Almond, soy, oat, coconut, hemp, even pea milk. Most cafes won’t charge you extra for opting for a plant-based milk either. So give them all a try and see what your favourite is!


Why stop at food? Lots of beauty and cleaning products aren’t actually vegan and it’s a super simple swap that you can make. Did we mention that ALL of our products are vegan? Go on… have a cheeky look. We have a Vegan Babe Set with your name on it.

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