Why You Should Think About Switching Up Your Deodorant

Why You Should Think About Switching Up Your Deodorant

What’s wrong with normal deodorant? Well, there’s two things. The first is that most of them come in single-use packaging which is obviously not great for the environment if you think about how quickly we all go through one. And the second is that the ingredients in your average deodorant could actually be doing more harm than good for your body!


The Packaging...

Almost all packaging for deodorant is single-use. Even if it says that you can recycle it, chances are it will still end up in landfill (only 9% of plastic is actually recycled properly.) It takes 450 years for plastic to break down completely which means every deodorant you’ve used in your life so far is still on this earth somewhere, in landfill, the ocean, washed up on a beach, you name it and there will probably be one there.  

The good news is that recently there has recently been a surge in reusable options. There are plenty of companies that now offer a refill service for your deodorants, helping to cut down on single-use plastic waste. We’ll get to those in a moment. 


The Ingredients...

Non-natural deodorants, which is what most of us are used to using, can be really harmful to our bodies. The way that these deodorants work is by clogging our pores to stop us from sweating as much, which as you can guess isn’t great for your body. Sweating is natural and it’s how your body regulates its temperature. 

Have you ever worn a white t-shirt and noticed those yellow stains that form under your arm pits that you can’t seem to get rid of in the wash? Yep, that’s from your deodorant too. Your non-natural deodorants cause these stains by mixing with the bacteria on your skin.

Switching to a natural deodorant is so much better for your body. Natural deodorant doesn’t clog your pores, it lets you sweat. ‘But won’t that make me smell?’ Nope. Sweat doesn’t actually smell at all. It’s only when your sweat mixes with bacteria on your skin that gives you a funky smell. Natural deodorant fights this bacteria on your skin keeping you nice and clean so that when you sweat, it doesn’t smell and keeps those yellow stains on your t-shirt away too. 

What options do you have for natural, sustainable deodorants? 

When I first heard about these natural deodorants, I was expecting ugly packaging and a product that just wouldn’t keep the smell away. But you definitely don’t have to sacrifice quality and luxury for sustainability with these three brands - you can have both.

To help you decide which refillable deodorant would be best for you, we’ve come up with a fancy Circla score to rate each product in different categories from 1 - 5 (5 being absolutely fab!)

Proverb have designed super sleek and luxurious cases with refill options that can be delivered straight to your door, either as a subscription or a one off purchase. They have five different scents (we’ve tried them, they smell good enough to eat) and they use just 13 all-natural ingredients in their deodorants, none of that nasty stuff! They’re also formulated and manufactured here in the UK, Cambridge. So you can trust that they haven’t got far to travel to your door, keeping the air nice and clean.

Proverb Circla Score

Packaging: 4 - Luxurious and high quality, but would love more colours to choose from!

Ease to refill: 5 - Use, order, refill, repeat

Scents: 4 - Delicious but would love more of a variety

Does it actually work? 5 - Keeps the smell away all day!

If you’re looking for a more colourful case, Fussy may be the one for you. Their award winning case design is even made from recycled plastics. Also formulated and manufactured in the UK, they use solar power, solar heating and their company vehicles are all electric. They’ve got 5 delicious scents to choose from too.

Fussy Circla Score

Packaging: 5 - Award Winning! 

Ease to refill: 5 - Easy to order, easy to refill

Scents: 3 - Amazing smell, but not many to choose from

Does it actually work? 3 - Smell doesn’t last long, not the most effective. You would need to reapply throughout the day

Wild is another colourful option. Their cases are made from anodised aluminium and are super sturdy so that it lasts you for years. Their refills come in bamboo pulp packaging which is biodegradable. Wild also comes in an amazing 11 scents! Plenty to choose from. 

Wild Circla Score

Packaging: 4 - Sturdy & they come in so many different colours

Ease to refill: 4 - Easy to buy refills, but would love a few more instructions

Scents: 5 - so many to choose from!

Does it actually work? 5 - This stuff works!


Turns out switching up your deodorant is just as good for you as it is for the planet. It’s also a heck of a lot more convenient as refills can be delivered to your door when you’re about to run out, saving you that trip to the shop. It’s a no-brainer for us!

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