Seaweed Face Mask - Seatox

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This face mask is designed to enhance your complexion. Kelp is bursting with 20 skin-boosting nutrients to rejuvenate and detox your skin. Green clay is deeply cleansing and PH balancing. Contains matcha green tea, which evens your skin tone and reduces inflammation and is known for its anti-ageing properties.

Each jar makes around 12 masks. 

Use weekly to keep skin silky soft and nourished. 

Recommend refill frequency: 12 weeks

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How to use

Simply mix two parts with warm water to make a paste, apply and leave on skin for five minutes. For extra exfoliation, wash the scrub away in circular motions - kelp is a natural exfoliant and will leave your skin feeling silky soft.

Use weekly to keep skin silky soft and nourished. 

About Seatox?

Along the rural west coast of Ireland, lie some of the most beautiful untouched beaches in the world. For centuries coastal civilisations have foraged and consumed wild seaweed for its health and beauty yielding benefits. Having grown up along the Wild Atlantic Way, Tess, the founder was inspired to design a collection of Seaweed spa treatments that rejuvenate and absorb the powerful minerals of the Atlantic Ocean. That's what Seatox is all about, harnessing the vitality and nourishing ourselves from the goodness of the sea. 


This face is houses in a glass jar with an aluminium lid, both will be reused when returned to Circla. 


Montmorillonite (Green Clay), Macrocystitis Pyfrifera (Kelp), Camelia Sinensis (Tea leaf powder).