The 'Thinking of you' - Circla Selfcare box (option 1)

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Perfect to send as a gift for a loved one, a pick me up for when times are tough, in consolation or in celebration, as good luck's and as thank you's and as a reminder to those we care about but can't be with.

We started these boxes when our business turned upside down due to Covid, the severe impact of lockdown on our business, coupled with missing family & friends got us thinking. They say necessity is the mother of invention - and the Circla mini self-care box was ours. 

Based in central London? Need it last minute? Select local delivery and add a note in the comments. 

What's Inside?

Our self-care boxes are filled with some of our favourite brands and products, thoughtfully selected to be as good for you as they are to the planet. 

Upcircle Face Scrub (30ml)
Made with repurposed coffee grounds, this scrub is formulated for sensitive skin with a perfect blend of chamomile, rosehip, geranium and patchouli. It will gently buff away dry, dead cells leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and glowing!

Upcircle Body Scrub (50ml)
This coffee smelling body scrub works wonders! With the mix of coffee granules and shea butter, this exfoliant leaves your skin smooth and hydrated.

Bramley Shampoo (100ml)
A gentle, everyday shampoo for all hair types, made with essential oils of lemon, mandarin & rosemary with no sulphates.

Bramley Conditioner (100ml)
A nourishing, everyday conditioner for all hair types made with essential oils of lemon, mandarin & rosemary with no silicones

Bramley Body Wash (100ml)
A gentle, every day refreshing body wash made with essential oils of grapefruit, lavender & sweet sweet orange.

Bramley Body Lotion (100ml)
A nourishing cream that leaves your skin feeling soft & smooth made with essential oils of juniper, sweet orange & bergamot